Galaxy Night Club

The very special effects for Galaxy Club are designed with FENG-YI 40 sets of DLB kinetic LED quadrilateral lights and FENG-YI 16 sets of DLB kinetic rotating beam balls . Which is located in GuangXi China. It’s like being in a Club high up in the air, experiencing the feeling of a high-altitude party, This device uses rapidly changing and magnificent transformations programmed by our Madrix software, perfectly matching the rhythm, creating a joyful atmosphere, and enhancing visual effects, the effects from DLB Quadrilateral kinetic lights is very attractive for customers. One sets DLB kinetic LED quadrilateral with 4 DMX kinetic winches and one Quadrilateral . And One sets DLB kinetic rotating beam balls with 1 DMX kinetic winches, total 16pcs winch, The total quantity of kinetic winches for 56 sets is 176pcs DMX kinetic winches. FENG-YI supports OEM Service of DLB kinetic LED quadrilateral lights and DLB kinetic rotating beam ball lights. FENG-YI support the Club lights solution ,service for the club. Design, Stage lights and Kinetic lights system, installation and programming.

FENG-YI is well experience on Nightclub solution. Welcome to your kindly inquiry. Kinetic lighting systems is a simple and bright ideal to move up and down an illuminated object a merge of the art of lighting with mechanical technology. In addition. we can also provide customized services according to your required. We have the designers’ department with project design experiences more than 8 years. We can provide layout design, Electrical layout design,3D video design of kinetic lights for your project.We can provide layout design and 3D video design of kinetic lights for your project. We have the well experiences engineers of kinetic lighting system for installation service on different projects.We can support engineers fly to your project place for directly installation or arrange one engineer for installation-guide if you have local workers.There are two ways that we can support programming for your project.

Our engineer fly to your project place for directly programming for kinetic lights. Or we make pre-programming for kinetic lights base on design before shipping. We also support free programming training for our customers who wants to master the skills of kinetic lights in programming.   

Products used:

DLB kinetic LED quadrilateral lights 40 sets 

DLB kinetic rotating beam balls 16 sets 

Manufacturer: FENG-YI Lighting 

Installation: FENG-YI Lighting

Design: FENG-YI Lighting

Post time: Apr-20-2023

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