FYL Showroom 2022 New Club Lighting Show

The sense of light beam and strobe have always been important elements of club lighting. This show takes DJ club culture as the carrier, integrates new design elements and matches with LED quadrilateral light to create a specific atmosphere in the space design. The LED quadrilateral light can be built into geometric patterns and characters to meet people’s psychological needs to the maximum extent.

The design idea of this show comes from the laser anti-theft net of the Matrix, 360 °rotatable light vision, through different beam combinations of infinitely creative light net effects, it uses a total of 16 sets of Kinetic matrix strobe, 20 sets of kinetic rotating beam balls, 20 sets of kinetic LED quadrilateral light, through up and down, left and right rotation, interspersed, sometimes full of the sky, sometimes stars, sometimes showing the phenomenon that the object is still and the actual light motion state,which create an infinitely changing entertainment experience space of “exquisite, real, dynamic, omni-directional non-dead angle”! Perfectly synchronized with electronic music, the strobe bar cuts through the darkness with high precision. Hundreds of viewers will find themselves at the center of this immersive three-dimensional network of light and multidimensional sound.

It is bold and individual in layout and color; it scrutinizes every detail and achieves perfection; it integrates free music into the night of the city and spreads the art of freedom wantonly, so that everyone who is there can be relieved and released.

Kinetic rotating beam ball, kinetic matrix strobe, kinetic LED quadrilateral light are all new products launched by our company this year, which made its debut at Guangzhou Prolight and Sound Exhibition and won the love of many club owners. The famous Galame club used our kinetic rotating beam ball 100 sets, the scene is extremely spectacular, the video link is https://vimeo.com/684902559, if you also want this kind of immersive club design, welcome to contact us!

Manufacturer: FYL Stage Lighting

Installation: FYL Stage Lighting

Design: FYL Stage Lighting

FYL Stage Lighting


Post time: May-05-2022

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