300pcs FENG-YI DMX Hoists Kinetic LED Tubes were used in the 9th Janice M, Vidal’s live concert which was held in Hong Kong Coliseum. Ascending and descending meteor provide a unique element that is fully controllable via standard DMX controllers. These hoists allow for a large range of variable speed movement to support the classic songs sung by singer Janice M, Vidal, full of emotions filled the soul of the song, expressing herself with the infinite charm of music.

Brief Introduction of Janice M, Vidal: Janice, Hong Kong female pop singer, was born April 13,1982, Hong Kong, China. Among Hong Kong female singers, Janice Vidal is a unique existence, her voice is western-style, ethereal and full of changes, different from the General Hong Kong female temperament, the interpretation of love songs is exquisite. Her many outstanding works have won many awards in Hong Kong music. Since his debut, Janice Vidal has developed a unique voice, a sweet, magnetic and explosive voice, an aesthetic and romantic style, and many seemingly ordinary but heart-piercing love stories, sweet and sad coexistence of regret and other emotional expression of incisively and vividly. Those who listen to Hong Kong music regularly should be familiar with Janice Vidal’s masterpieces such as “Troubled”, “Big brother”, “I miss you” and “Running away from home”, which are all very popular music songs. Now, has“The low-key diva” the Janice M, Vidal, breaks through oneself unceasingly, tries the different music style, does own like music.

Kinetic Lights products evolve and become more flexible and elegant with each project, meaning that now they’re even more compact to transport and faster to set up. Smartly hidden in a ground-based grid, the cabling becomes invisible and takes the pressure off technicians to organize dozens of cables connecting DMX winches and light fixtures.

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