Barbie Bar—Good atmosphere, created by lighting

What kind of experience would it be to install dancing lights in a club, with meteors and lightning all the way? Fengyi kinetic led bar, absolutely romantic 100%. After the YOLO club in the United States used our kinetic led bar, the Chinese Barbie club also used it, sharing 102 sets. Please take a look at the picture above, the creative art design, the moment the light is lit, the stars are as beautiful and romantic as the meteor shower in the night sky. Each light color can match the environment with different stunning effects.

The Barbie Bar is 8 meters high and has a total of 520 squares meters. It consists of three concentric circles with different diameters. 56 sets kinetic led bar are used for the large circle, 32 sets are used for the middle area, and 14 sets are used for the smallest circle inside. When they are at their maximum brightness, they are like roaring flames, and vice versa, like twinkling stars.Kinetic led bar is easy to install,high brightness, The flickering effect is like meteors in the night sky, and the flickering effect can be set according to your requirements, and the color is white. Widely used in clubs, disco halls, song and dance halls, large-scale concerts, weddings.

Guangzhou Fengyi Stage Lighting Co., Ltd. specializes in providing lighting design and solutions for clubs, concerts, auto shows, press conferences, theaters, auditoriums, and multi-function halls; the product kinetic led bar, presents stage lighting from a three-dimensional direction, and 360° 3D effect , infinite combination of various shapes, to solve the problem of roof safety and insufficient load-bearing.Many cases have been done at home and abroad, and the customer’s recognition is high.

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Products used:

Kinetic led bar 102 sets,one set included one winch and one led bar,total 102 pcs winches and 102 pcs led football.

Manufacturer: FYL Stage Lighting

Installation: FYL Stage Lighting

Design: FYL Stage Lighting 

Post time: May-10-2022

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