Xukun Cai Tour Concert 2021—Beijing Station

Cai Xukun’s solo concert tour, Beijing Station, is the first stop of Cai Xukun’s concert. The performance in Beijing was July 17, 2021, at the Cadillac Center.

Cai Xukun performed 17 songs, namely: “Bigger”, “Hard To Get”, “Home”, “I Wanna Get Love”, “It is You”, “Pull Up”, “Wait Wait Wait”, “You Can Be My Girl Friend”, and ” YOUNG, “Label”, “No Accident”, “Blindfolded”, “Dream”, “Mystery”, “Silent Film”, “Lover”, and “Rebirth”.

The tour concert total designed 200pcs kinetic winches with 12m lift distance version. 30 sets DLB kinetic led pixel lines ( 100cm frost led pixel line ) for half- circle designed, together display effects with the led screen that back of the stage. Displayed a very unique effects. And one line design for 70 sets DLB kinetic led pixel lines ( 150cm frost led pixel line ). One pixel line for two kinetic winches worked together for different effects, such as wave, fast run, M shape, chromosom shape and so on. According to songs feeling to change effects by kinetic lighting system.

Cai Xukun opened in July and returned to his music industry. This time he used his strength to conquer everyone. In 2018, Cai Xukun participated in the C debut of “Idol Trainees” and became the captain of the limited men’s group NINE PERCENT. After that, he released several singles and won many honors such as the most influential singer-songwriter. In April of this year, he participated in the recording of “Run Let’s Season 5″ as a resident guest, and gained more fans. In July, Cai Xukun returned to the sacred land of music, bring your friends, hurry up to share the video!

Post time: Aug-31-2021

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