PIU LiveHouse Night Club

PIU Livehouse night club located in Guangzhou City. Livehouse already become the popular stype of current night club in China. It has stage that singers can sing songs and band. Just like a mini concert stype. When you visit Guangzhou, FENGYI invite you to visit this night club project and have a drink if convenient for you.

PIU night club designed kinetic lighting systems and normal stage lights working together. It has two parts, each part with stage and band. One of bigger part with good space that designed kinetic pixel lines, kinetic led bars, kinetic led spheres and kinetic pixel ring. A unique effects dipslayed by the four kinds of kinetic lights. It is immersive effects feeling when singer sing songs. FENGYI supported the customized kinetic lighting solution, installation and programming base on the design from the top level night club designer company in China. If you have a new night club that considering unique effects or have plan to update your current night club with interesting effects, please feel free to contact me for your inquiry. We can support design, pre-programming service, customized service and installation services according to your different requirements on your projects. Normal stage lights already be very common, kinetic lighting systems solution now very popular for night clubs, exhibitions and concerts. We have professional engineers team base on well expereience for different projects of kinetic lighting systems. We can directly book flight to vist you and your company for discussing face to face. And FENGYI customized solution according to your budget and requirements. Didfferent projects with different design and different programming effects. We also have our own intelligent control system that you can control the effects by touch panel. We are not only support stable quality kinetic lights, but also the whole project solution service.

Products used:

Kinetic LED bars 80 Sets

Kinetic Pixel line 32 sets

Kinetic LED sphere 20 sets

Manufacturer: FENG-YI Stage Lighting

Installation: FENG-YI Stage Lighting 

Post time: Feb-28-2023

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