Foshan Mix Club

Mix Club is located in Foshan city, Guangdong province, China, very close to Guangzhou; it covers over two thousand square meters with internal hall and external leisure yard. In this club project, FYL provided whole club project solution for it, including preliminary stage lighting design according to club owner’s requirements, equipment installation and testing, lighting effects pre-programming, etc. And in this project, total 80 sets motor winch kinetic bars, 210 pieces led pixel strips and 16 pieces patented design product firefly lighting are used; and these special effect stage lighting equipments work together with other regular stage lights like moving head beam lights, moving head spot lights, led par lights, etc; to create out the final special and unique lighting effects, customers will enjoy the lighting atmosphere a lot while they are drinking in it. And with the external leisure yard, customers also can sit outside to breath the natural air and get a moment of silence if they are tired of the lighting and music inside.

Motor winch kinetic lighting, as a new special lighting effect equipment, now is more and more popular in clubs especially for huge clubs; as the lighting effect from the normal stage lights are too normal, more and more club owners want to use new special stage lighting equipment to get a special and unique lighting effects for their clubs to attractive more people to come in, as competition is very furious between clubs, so they need to have their own features to let themselves stand out among competitors. We-FYL is the professional manufacturer of these special motor winch kinetic lighting systems with over 7 years; what’s more important, we not only can provide the lighting equipment, but also can provide professional lighting design, equipment installation, pre-programming, etc; we have done many large club projects like Qingdao Supermiu Club, Zhongshan OG Club, Sanya Illusion Club, Yan’an Super House, etc. So if you want your club to be special and unique, pls do not hesitate to contact us, we will be your professional partner for your club.

Post time: Aug-13-2021

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