Theatre Program of 2018 Teacher’s Day

On September 10th 2018, in order to commemorate the annual Teachers’ Day, a special performance was held in Beian Theatre. In order to create good lighting effects during the whole performance, the organizers decided to use special stage decoration lighting equipment Motor Winch Kinetic LED Tubes, which was designed and produced by Guangzhou Fengyi Stage Lighting Equipment Co., Ltd. FYL was very honored to being the supplier of stage lighting equipment in this great performance. FYLs professional lighting project team dedicated their 100% attention to this meaningful performance, no matter in lighting design, product installation, or programming, etc; they tried their best to make the performance as great as possible. 100pcs DLB Motor Winch Kinetic LED Tubes(100cm long tube, 9m lifting stroke distance) were used in the performance, also some other stage lights like moving head beam lights, moving head wash lights, led par can lights, etc were used in it too, in order to achieve final amazing effect. With the great effort from FYL team, the performance is a great success as per the feedback from the audiences. Another great project was done by FYL team on that day. Lift distance of the kinetic winches is 9m. Led bar adopted 120cm length with 54 pixels, double-sided LEDs design with bright effects. Kinetic light bar can be controlled by Madrix software and also for DMX. Today, our kinetic lights have been used in their respective large-scale concerts for effects, and have been unanimously recognized by the public. Whether it is the stability of product quality, or the assistance and docking of the company’s professional team, it can meet customer requirements. There are more than 18 kinds of different products for our kinetic lighting system, and we also support OEM service according to your requires.

Post time: Sep-10-2018

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