The innovative DLB kinetic lights device “Kinetic Moon” is unveiled, adding a unique atmosphere to various scenes

Recently, a new kinetic lights device was officially launched: Kinetic Moon, bringing a new visual experience to clubs, art spaces, museums, large-scale events, concerts and other occasions.

Kinetic Moon quickly stands out in the lighting installation market with its unique design and functionality. The biggest feature of this light is its flexible lifting function and unique shape. The height can be adjusted according to the needs of different occasions to create the best visual effect. At the same time, its built-in intelligent control system can realize automatic adjustments, including color temperature, brightness and dynamic effects, providing great convenience to event organizers.

In the art space, Kinetic Moon can adjust the lighting effects according to the theme and atmosphere of the artwork, creating a unique viewing environment. In museums, this lighting device can provide just the right lighting for exhibits, allowing visitors to better appreciate the exhibits. In clubs and concerts, Kinetic Moon's dynamic effects and adjustable color temperature can create an unforgettable atmosphere that immerses customers and audiences.

Not only that, Kinetic Moon also uses advanced LED technology, which not only has long life, high stability, but also low energy consumption. The emergence of Kinetic Moon will bring new vitality to the lighting installation market. Its versatility and flexibility allow it to perform well in a variety of scenarios, meeting the market's demand for innovative lighting equipment.

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Post time: Jan-18-2024

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