The Get Show exhibition concluded successfully, and the light show “Dance of the Dragon” was well received

Recently, the much-anticipated Get Show exhibition came to a successful conclusion. In this multi-day industry event, the light show "The Dance of Loong" carefully planned by DLB Kinetic Lights became a highlight of the exhibition and received unanimous praise from industry insiders and audiences. At the same time, our kinetic lighting equipment also attracted the attention of many customers due to its outstanding performance, and successfully facilitated the transactions of two projects.

The light show "The Dance of Loong" uses unique lighting design creativity and super lighting programming technology to perfectly integrate tradition and modernity, East and West, presenting a visual feast to the audience. In the interweaving of lights and music, a giant dragon dances gracefully on the 3D dragon screen. This light show not only demonstrated our innovative strength in kinetic lighting products, but also demonstrated our strength in lighting design solutions to visiting customers.

The successful display of "The Dance of Loong" aroused many customers' strong interest in kinetic lighting equipment. During the exhibition, our professional team introduced the characteristics, application scenarios and advantages of kinetic lighting equipment to customers in detail. Customers have said that by watching "The Dance of Loong", they have a more intuitive and profound understanding of kinetic lighting equipment, and are full of expectations for future cooperation.

It is worth mentioning that during the exhibition, we also successfully facilitated the transactions of two projects. These two projects not only cover kinetic lighting equipment, but also involve lighting design solutions and technical support. This fully proves our company's leading position and strong strength in the lighting industry, and also lays a solid foundation for our future development.

The successful holding of this Get Show not only enhanced our company's brand awareness and influence, but also provided us with a good opportunity to establish long-term cooperative relationships with more customers. We will continue to adhere to the concept of "innovation, professionalism and service", continuously improve product quality and service levels, and provide customers with more high-quality and efficient lighting solutions.

Thank you to all customers, partners and visitors who participated in this Get Show. It is your support and attention that gives us more motivation to innovate and develop. We will continue to pursue excellence, provide customers with better products and services, and jointly write a glorious chapter in the lighting industry.

Post time: Mar-12-2024

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