On March 10, 2023 RRMC Greater China Annual Dealer Conference in Shenzhen have come to a successful conclusion

On March 10, 2023 RRMC Greater China Annual Dealer Conference in Shenzhen have come to a successful conclusion. This event adopts Fengyi’s 300 sets kinetic LED Tubes light system solution. At the center of the stage, 300 sets kinetic LED Tubes light feature a unique rectangular design and a 360 degree full view, allowing visitors to see the entire lighting of the stage, deeply attracting their attention. These light strips are composed of two or more sets of control systems, which can be lifted, lowered, and rotated according to actual needs to meet different usage needs.

On stage, 300 sets kinetic lights focus the audience’s attention on the stage, and the dazzling lighting creates the entire stage like a large-scale lighting show, allowing the audience to deeply immerse themselves in the visual effects. In addition, the professional sound system also adds to the performance, with music, applause, cheers, and various other sounds intertwined to create a grand and shocking stage atmosphere.

Rolls Royce has always been my favorite car brand and model. I am very excited to be able to use our company’s products this time, as if the dream I have been pursuing has been realized.

Fengyi Dynamic Lighting Solution can be applied to different locations such as concert stages, programs, clubs, exhibitions, commercial art spaces, etc. 

Kinetic lighting system solution features:

There are a variety of LED lighting models that are compatible with the DMX winch, meeting the needs of various scenarios. 

For rental event companies, the same DMX winch can be matched with different LED lighting fixtures, and our lighting fixtures will gradually be updated. 

For large event companies, we have a mature service system and good communication skills to provide customers with one-stop services. 

Products used:

DLB Kinetic LED Bar 300 sets

Manufactrer: Fengyi

Installation: CE SPACE

Design: CE SPACE


Post time: Apr-20-2023

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