MAWAL RESTAURANT & LOUNGE located on Hilton Dubai Habtoor City, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. MAWAL Dubai Rejoice in a unique night of musical and performance live shows with star at MAWAL Dubai Restaurant & Lounge. The Show Dubai Stay tuned for a show like no other. Be ready for an experience that cannot be compared to anything else you know! Exquisite food, signature drinks, and exclusive performances only at The Show by Mawal! The normal stage lights from ADJ and kinetic lighting system from FYL Lighting who focus on kinetic lights and well experiences on them. FYL supported design and installation guide also the programming guide to our customer. Control system by Madrix software and tiger touch console together. Also there is one set kinetic three circles lighting( custom made version) on reception hall and controlled by FYL intelligent lighting control system that easy for owner to control and change effects by touch panel only. This system is custom made for owners to make everything be easy and intelligent. The products of kinetic lighting from FYL are:

Products used:

Kinetic Pixel Line 12 sets, One set kinetic pixel line included 2pcs DMX winches and 1pc 150cm LED pixel tube. Total 24pcs winches.

Kinetic Triangle Tube 36 sets, One set kinetic triangle tube included 3pcs DMX winches and 3pcs 100cm LED pixel tube. Total 108pcs winches.

Kinetic three circles lighting (custom made) 1 set, One set kinetic three circles lighting included 10pcs winches for three different size circles to working together. Total 10pcss winches.

Manufacturer: FYL Stage Lighting

Programming: FYL Stage Lighting

Design: FYL Stage Lighting

This project that we faced is one professional project company in Dubai who well experience on clubs projects. His company also can support design, installation and programming. But this is their first time to try kinetic lighting system because owner wanna to do something unique compare others. After this project, Now there is another club in Dubai that owner wanna add kinetic lights system because they went to MAWAL and saw the effects. They love it. 

Post time: Oct-09-2021

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