kinetic P3 ball brings fantasy planet effects

DLB kinetic P3 ball is a newly launched product by DLB kinetic lights. It is a symbol of high quality, high technology and good appearance. This kinetic product was independently completed by DLB from design to production. Our professional design team spent many months on this kinetic P3 ball, constantly optimizing the plan and technology for customer use. For this kinetic P3 ball, we recommend the use scenarios: large-scale commercial activities and large-scale concerts. Because of the large size of this product, the DMX kinetic winch used is also a professional machine suitable for outdoor scene performances. Of course, if you need it, we can also customize a kinetic winch for your event.

We have used this kinetic P3 ball in Aron KWOK DREAM DANCE CONCERT 2023 IN MACAO. The effect it brings makes the singer on stage feel like he is among the stars in the universe. The scene videos in kinetic P3 ball are programmed by DLB designers in advance and then transferred to the kinetic P3 ball system via USB. This completes the installation of the entire image and video. If you encounter any problems during the installation process, as long as you raise them with us, we will arrange for personnel to take relevant technical tutorials for you to teach you how to install and set up.

 Kinetic led lights is the most popular products system in DLB kinetic lights, and our product quality is guaranteed, with integrated services from design to research and development. DLB Kinetic lights can provide solutions for the entire project, from design, installation guidance, programming guidance, etc., and also support customized services.If you are a designer, we have the latest kinetic product ideas, if you are shopkeeper, we can provide a unique bar solution, if you are a performance rental, our biggest advantage is that the same host can match different hanging ornaments, If you need customized kinetic products, we have a professional R&D team for professional docking.

Post time: Oct-30-2023

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