Kinetic lighting design for the ranked 51st among the Top 100 DJs.

Lord of the Drinks is one of the best night clubs in Kathmandu for vibrant nightlife in Nepal. The lighting of this bar is designed by DLB kinetic lights. The emergence of kinetic matrix strobe bars and kinetic beam rings bring a new experience to the atmosphere of LOD night club. The total area of the LOD night club is 9,600 square-feet. We designed two kinetic lights above the club to make the music and lighting more interactive.

Kinetic matrix strobe bars and kinetic beam rings are intertwined, filling the entire bar with red lights and making the atmosphere more and more intense. The kinetic matrix strobe bar is 1025mm length,150mm diameter, and the kinetic beam rings diameter is 80cm. One kinetic matrix strobe bar need two winches to control and the kinetic beam ring need three winches to control. The combination of two different shapes of kinetic lights Together, this kind of lighting design is also a brand-new attempt. Bringing such a brand-new design to the largest bar in Nepal was completed by the creative team of DLB kinetic lights based on the unique style and overall structure of the bar.

Kinetic led lights is the most popular products system in DLB kinetic lights, and our product quality is guaranteed, with integrated services from design to research and development. DLB Kinetic lights can provide solutions for the entire project, from design, installation guidance, programming guidance, etc., and also support customized services.If you are a designer, we have the latest kinetic product ideas, if you are shopkeeper, we can provide a unique bar solution, if you are a performance rental, our biggest advantage is that the same host can match different hanging ornaments, If you need customized kinetic products, we have a professional R&D team for professional docking.

Products used:

Kinetic beam ring

Kinetic matrix strobe bar

Post time: Oct-30-2023

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