Kinetic 3D holographic fan 2023

Kinetic 3D holographic fan for theater stage construction. On March 7th, FENGYl participated in the construction of the Tumushuk Cultural and Sports Center Theater in Xinjiang, China. On the stage of the theater, a 78cm kinetic3D holographic fan was used for lifting and lowering holographic screens, and two 5KG load-bearing DMA winches were hung with a 78CM diameter kinetic3D holographic fan. This is a controllable holographic projection device that has the characteristics of lightweight and high transparency, At the same time, it is equipped with a DMX-controlled image change, making the projection screen more vivid. In addition, its screen size can be adjusted according to needs, providing more exquisite projection effects and making the audience’s visual experience more realistic. In addition, the kinetic3D holographic fan elevating holographic screen also has characteristics such as high definition, high contrast, and high brightness, which has made it widely used in theaters.

FENGYl Kinetic lifting lighting can be widely used in the construction of various stages and theaters.

In this performance, FENGYl Kinetic Lighting meets your requirements with its excellent performance. Whether it is a large or small performance, party, press conference, concert, or various entertainment venues, such as amusement parks, concerts, bars, clubs, etc., you can see the FENGYl Kinetic Lighting

FENGYl Kinetic Lighting can be used to create various special effects.

As a professional stage Kinetic Lighting manufacturer and solution service provider, we have rich on-site experience and professional technical personnel. We can customize solutions tailored to meet customers’ different environments and needs. During the construction process, we can provide professional technical personnel to assist customers in completing on-site design and installation work. At the same time, we can also provide customers with complete on-site construction services.

FENGYl Kinetic Lighting can provide rental services.

As a professional stage lighting solution service provider, we can also provide rental services. From stage design to on-site construction, from lighting effects to equipment debugging, we have professional technical personnel to assist in completing. At the same time, we can also provide customers with comprehensive services throughout the entire process.

In addition, it can also select suitable, reasonable, and efficient construction methods for users to reduce costs.

Product Used:

79 Sets Kinetic 3D holographic fans

Manufacturer: FENGYl Stage Lighting

lnstallation: FENGYI Stage Lighting

Design: FENGYI Stage Lighting

Post time: Apr-20-2023

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