In the evening of August 4th , 2018, Youth Mango Night was held in Hunan with passion to owe fans who always support and love for Mango TV and created a trendy play festival that meets the preferences of young people. While gathering youth to release vitality, it was also committed to conveying the positive group image of contemporary young people and actively caring for the public. The stage of the Youth Mango Night Party was full of creativity, and the whole party focused on the mango festival mascot “Mango Cub” as the core visual element. Guangzhou Fengyi Stage Lighting Equipment Co., Ltd. (FYL) showed 198 sets Dynamic Lighting bar in this activity. This was live performance and FYL professional engineers worked together with the professional teams of light artist Tomorrowland from USA and Martin of Sander Reneman from Netherlands. The unique stage effects from Dynamic Lighting Bar became the most creative effects of stage lights. Lift distance of the 198 sets kinetic winches is 9m. Led bar adopted 120cm length with 54 pixels, double-sided LEDs design with bright effects. Kinetic light bar can be controlled by Madrix software and also for DMX. This event is very special for me. Because the singer who used for our kinetic lighting system is mine first star when I was young. I never thought that my favorite singer who used the products from the company that I works for 9 years since I graduated. Today, our kinetic lights have been used in their respective large-scale concerts for effects, and have been unanimously recognized by the public. Whether it is the stability of product quality, or the assistance and docking of the company’s professional team, it can meet customer requirements. There are more than 18 kinds of different products for our kinetic lighting system, and we also support OEM service according to your requires.

Post time: Aug-04-2018

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