DLB’s Kinetic solutions and debut at ISE 2024

DLB has always led the industry with innovative and excellent lighting solutions, and the latest Kinetic lighting products will be displayed at the 2024 International Audiovisual Technology Exhibition (ISE). The exhibition will be held at Fira Barcelona Gran Via from January 30, 2024 to February 2, 2024.

DLB's Kinetic lights product is an innovative kinetic lighting solution designed to meet the lighting needs of various scenes. The introduction of kinetic lighting solutions will provide more flexible and cool lighting effects for various occasions. By adjusting the kinetic lights, users can easily adjust the shape and height of Kinetic lights according to actual needs to achieve the best stage lighting effect.

At this ISE exhibition, DLB will demonstrate various application scenarios of Kinetic lights products, including commercial space lighting effects, club atmosphere lighting effects, stage performance lighting effects, etc. Audiences will have the opportunity to see first-hand how kinetic lighting solutions can bring a more comfortable and vivid lighting experience to various occasions.

DLB has been committed to providing high-quality lighting solutions to users around the world. The display of Kinetic lighting products at the ISE exhibition is the latest achievement of DLB's continuous innovation and development. We look forward to sharing our latest technologies and products with industry players around the world at this exhibition. Visitors will have the opportunity to communicate with DLB’s professional technical directors and gain an in-depth understanding of the advantages and application prospects of kinetic lighting solutions. Please look forward to meeting DLB products at the 2024 ISE exhibition and exploring the future of lighting technology together.

Post time: Jan-23-2024

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