DLB Kinetic wing and Hype GT newest car lunch conference create a visual feast

At car launches, the lighting effects can create a unique and immersive experience that captures the attention of the audience. In this new car product launch event, DLB Kinetic wing was used as the main artistic lighting shape. Each set of DLB Kinetic wing together looks like a giant feathered wing, with a powerful visual impact.

This Kinetic wing is controlled by 3 DMX winches, and the lifting height is 0-3 meters. The lifting and lowering function is 16bit, and there is no lag at all during the lifting and lowering process, which is very smooth. This product is a wing with two lines combined together. The length of each line is 1200mm and the weight is very light, only 1kg. The total channels of the two winches are 172ch, which is simple and convenient to control. This Kinetic lights only has 54 pixels, and each pixel can be controlled individually. Kinetic wing accompanies the emergence of new cars and meets the audience's expectations for new cars. These kinetic lights can accentuate the lines and curves of the car, highlighting its design elements and showcasing its beauty. Our kinetic lights also can use in the performance event , it could match the dancers or actors to create a perfect show.

Kinetic lights is the most popular products system in DLB kinetic lights, and our product quality is guaranteed, with integrated services from design to research and development. DLB Kinetic lights can provide solutions for the entire project, from design, installation guidance, programming guidance, etc., and also support customized services.If you are a designer, we have the latest kinetic product ideas, if you are shopkeeper, we can provide a unique bar solution, if you are a performance rental, our biggest advantage is that the same host can match different hanging ornaments, If you need customized kinetic products, we have a professional R&D team for professional docking.

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Kinetic wing

Post time: Nov-20-2023

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