Aaron Kwok Dream Dance Concert 2023 in Macao

The grand finale of the year, Melco Crown Series Aaron Kwok Dream Dance Concert 2023" opens a new chapter of audiovisual.

Last night's first show of the Melco Exclusive Series was a new standard of concert production.

Aaron and his team introduced some brand new lighting and technology for this special edition of Melco's exclusive series, costing close to half a billion dollars, including the latest product of Fengyi Kinetic lighting systems (DLB kinetic lighting system, DLB is trademark, FENGYI is company name), the Kinetic Beam Rings and Kinetic P3 Balls, which combines high-tech images with three-dimensional lighting effects to create a virtual and real moving castle with multiple immersive stages. immersive stage. Both kinetic lights are customized according to the concert for its unique and special effects in the whole world. FENGYI always insist on orignal. Refuse to follow or copy other’s ideal. And always update new kinetic lights according to different events requirements from different clients.

The concert was themed on fantasy, with Aaron's hair in two shades of wine and red, wearing the "Blue Eyes" hand-painted visual art dance costume created for him by Zhang Shuping, disguised as a warrior from outer space, and parachuted onto the stage through a series of phantom Kinetic Beam Rings and Kinetic P3 Balls provided by Fengyi kinetic lighting system exclusively for the first time in Asia, leading a huge troupe of dancers to open the show with "Iron Curtain Temptation".

And in this concert there is a very unexpected design, that is, the light curtain round the Kinetic beam rings design. This idea also let the fans have exclaimed "too fantastic"! Kinetic beam rings round light curtain design as if and fans play dream distance full contact, creative extraordinary.

The perfect combination of technology and dance is amazing, very imposing, showing the style of the king, the audience wow, the whole audience thunderous applause.

The design of the Kinetic P3 balls set in the circle of the Kinetic beam rings allows the kinetic lift to be realized. This design allows the sphere to make inertial movement on the track to achieve the "levitation" effect. When moving slowly in the Kinetic beam rings, you will find that the color of the "light curtain" also changes, as if a "Saturn" on stage from the depths of the universe slowly rise, and at the same time under the light of a set of "immersive" song and dance. The concert will be held at the end of the show, and the concert will be held at the end of the show.

The finale of the concert was "Between the Fascination", with "Move" as the prelude, bringing out the Kinetic P3 ball Planet Large Scale Light Array provided by Fengyi in "Fascination", together with more than 1,000 computer lights on site, which complemented each other to create a stunning scene.

This time for the exclusive series of Melco Macau is no exception, is also the most creative and resources to design a never-before-seen stage, with the most advanced stage technology to virtual plus real light and shadow effects, with a variety of lighting images and three-dimensional broken concept, unprecedented to create the first super dynamic dream stage in Macau. With more than a year of preparation, this unique audio-visual chapter has been crafted by Aaron's team and is definitely a must-see event this month.

Post time: Jul-28-2023

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