AAron kwok “Amazing Dream ” concert 2024 &DLB Kinetic lights

Aaron Kwok's "Dream Dance" concert 2024 was successfully completed in Macau. The fans were passionate and the atmosphere was exciting and enthusiastic. DLB Kinetic Lights is honored to participate in the kinetic lighting design of this concert. When Aaron Kwok sang, we combined the interstellar theme of the overall concert and specially customized the Kinetic video ball and Kinetic beam ring for the customer. Through the combination of the two products, the entire scene was like traveling in the vast interstellar space, which not only brought auditory enjoyment to the fans at the scene, but also brought them a visual impact. Kinetic video ball and Kinetic beam ring are our company's latest customized kinetic products, specially designed for this concert. The Winch used in both concerts was controlled through DMX512 signals, and the effects were controlled through Madrix software.

Before this concert, our R&D department went through rigorous testing and conducted simulation tests under various conditions to ensure the safety of on-site use. The most different thing between DLB Kinetic lights products and the common products on the market is that they can be of the highest quality and made good guarantee service. Before shipment, our engineers will also pre-program the performance products in advance to facilitate the on-site lighting engineer's control.

DLB Kinetic lights can provide solutions for the entire project, from design, installation guidance, programming guidance, etc., and also support customized services.If you are a designer, we have the latest kinetic product ideas, if you are shopkeeper, we can provide a unique bar solution, if you are a performance rental, our biggest advantage is that the same host can match different hanging ornaments, If you need customized kinetic products, we have a professional R&D team for professional docking.

Products used:

Kinetic video ball

Kinetic beam ring

Post time: Mar-21-2024

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