A Show for Chick Fila: Chick Fila brings DLB Kinetic bars

Chick Fila is one of the top 3 fast food companies in the United States, and it is also the most popular fast food restaurant among young people. In order to meet the consumption habits of consumers, Chick Fila always pursues personalization. And our kinetic lighting just meets its individual needs. So everyone definitely desires to ask what is DLB Kinetic bars? DLB kinetic light is a series of brands owned by Guangzhou Fengyi Stage Lighting Equipment LLC. The company focuses on aerial kinetic lighting solutions, such as Stage lighting design, lighting installation plan, project implementation plan, with various patents and technologies. Our DLB kinetic lights are widely used for concerts, famous TV shows, Art projects, club and so on. We have done a good many projects all around the world. Every product of DLB series is full of imagination and creativity. As a result, our DLB kinetic bar has enjoyed a high reputation at home and abroad, and therefore, our company is called as an expert in light mechanical lighting customization.

Our company does not only sell products, but pays more attention to providing solutions to customers. If you have any customized needs, and then our professional designers will start from collecting your demands, explore the most creative lighting design solutions, in order to meet your ideal design theme, and finally our engineers will implement the successful implementation of the project with a rigorous and scientific attitude.

Through dozens of these projects all around the world, the company’s innovation ability and technical strength in the field of stage lighting is demonstrated. Our company is well-experienced on aerial kinetic lighting system that will provide helpful suggestions for your projects! We sincerely hope that we can share our creativity and promote the progress and development of stage lighting together!

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Kinetic bar

Post time: Mar-21-2024

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