2022 new kinetic led football, a must-have for the club

If your venue is less than 4 meters high, but you have a limited budget and want to create a 3D effect, what should you do? Please take a look at the picture above. The height of the club is about 4 meters. The light you see now is called a kinetic led football. Looking at its appearance, does it look like a football? It has 12 RGBW beams, each of which can be controlled independently, and the beam has a strong three-dimensional effect. The above is the case of a club that is popular all over China. Our designer extracted records, futuristic, and tearing as elements throughout the entire space, and re-deconstructed the original space with a coherent design techniques; the design of the new technology elements of the future, getting rid of the dull feeling of the traditional club, is like walking in the future time and space. The auditory feeling of tearing notes and rhythm, the visual feeling of the tearing of space, and the unique feeling of hearing and vision, thus contributing to the pronoun of “CLUB TONG”, which has recently become the latest sign-in place for Guiyang dancer players. Its installation is very simple, the light hook is clamped to the round tube and tightened, it only needs a little installation space, even if you are an old factory renovation, it is no problem.

Our lifting strokes are 3 meters, 6 meters, and 9 meters to choose from. When you use it,the ceiling of the whole club is full of motion, and it looks like a “caterpillar” from a distance. The single-point and single-control RGBW colors are rich and changeable, achieving cool effects and winning the love of many young people.It is very suitable for clubs, KTV, party rooms, and villa rooms.

The kinetic led football “beam” light luxury machinery has a new sense of vision. Friends and bosses are welcome to consult and inspect the details in person. Under the environment of the epidemic, the club culture needs to innovate and rejuvenate in a difficult situation…

Products used:

Kinetic led football 64 sets,one set included one winch and one led football,total 64pcs winches and 64pcs led football.

Manufacturer: FYL Stage Lighting

Installation: FYL Stage Lighting

Design: FYL Stage Lighting 

Post time: May-05-2022

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