2021 Guangzhou International Automobile Exhibition

2021 Guangzhou International Automobile Exhibition are held on 19th, Nov. To 28th, Nov. 2021. Address is China Import and Export Fair( Canton Fair Complex), Guangzhou, China. Since China’s reform and opening-up 40 years ago, the economy and society have undergone tremendous changes. All trades and professions have established their industrialized layout in the tide of reform. Guided by the reform and opening-up policy, China’s automobile industry has flourished and always stood at the forefront of technological development. It has helped China grow from a small auto country to a big one and step towards a great auto power in the world. There are designed 248pcs FYL dmx winches with two different fixtures, One is 108pcs LED bars and another is 70pcs LED pixel lines tubes. CESPACE is one big rental company in Beijing. This company is FYL partner who bought 300pcs kinetic lights from FYL. FYL trained their engineers for professional installation and programming. Now they can do everything for a event by their selves. FYL not only support kinetic lights but also support design, installation and programming for whole project solution. And custom made service according to special requirements on fixtures for different projects effects. Currently there are more than 18pcs different fixtures for different projects and events we have used. Mainly focus on big clubs, live concerts. Same Dmx winch can be workable for any fixtures that under 1.5kgs weight and 5kgs weight. For owner better display and operate the kinetic lights effects that FYL researched the intelligent lighting control system to control all DMX lights 1024 channels. Only touch panel to change effects and display effects that you want. No matter you are owners, project company, rental company or design company. Welcome to leave your message for any inquiry.

Products used:

Kinetic LED Bar 108 sets, One set kinetic LED Bar included 1pc DMX winch and 1pc 120cm LED bar. And there are 70 sets Kinetic LED pixel line. One set kinetic led pixel line included 2pcs DMX winches and 1pc 100cm LED tube.  

Manufacturer: FYL Stage Lighting


Installation: CESPACE

Post time: Nov-23-2021

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