2018 Audi Professional Twin Cup Final

On December 6, 2018, the 2018 Audi professional double cup competition finals with the theme of “Zhuo Yue Chuang Bian” came to a successful conclusion in Foshan city. From 495 dealers in China, the 24 teams that were shortlisted in the final showed the excellent style and skills of FAW Volkswagen Audi after-sales service personnel in the two-day competition. Finally, through the fierce competition, Shandong Runhua Tianxin dealer team won the total champion of this Audi professional double cup competition.

2018 is the 30th anniversary of the cooperation between FAW and Audi. We are standing in the thirties and never forget our original intention. Jing Qingchun, executive vice general manager of FAW Volkswagen Audi sales division, presented the trophy to the winning team and said: “Audi has always won the recognition of consumers with its competitive and diversified products. While providing users with richer product choices, FAW Volkswagen Audi is also striving to enhance its strength in the service field to meet the needs of 5 million Audi users, so that they can feel the high-quality lifestyle of “people, car, society and life” given by Audi brand through professional and meticulous after-sales service

In the competition, 100 sets DLB Kinetic LED Tubes(120cm long tube, 9m lifting stroke distance) from FYL were installed above the centre stage, created out spectacular moving lighting effects for the final. Kinetic light bar can be controlled by Madrix software and also for DMX. Today, our kinetic lights have been used in their respective large-scale concerts for effects, and have been unanimously recognized by the public. Whether it is the stability of product quality, or the assistance and docking of the company’s professional team, it can meet customer requirements. There are more than 18 kinds of different products for our kinetic lighting system, and we also support OEM service according to your requires.

Post time: Dec-06-2018

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