DLB Kinetic Triangle Tube

Supermin Club for 96 sets DLB Kinetic Triangle Tube used in 2020.

2020 Kinetic Triangle Tube Featured Image

DLB Kientic RGB LED tubeTriangle
●Dimensions: Length 100cm, diameter 23mm; Length 100cm, diameter 40mm
●Material: Translucent PC/Milky White PC
●Pixel: 18 individual pixels
●Color : RGB Mixed
●Gray scale: 16 bit/65535
●Lifting height: 3/6/9 m
●Lifting speed: 1m/s
●DMX Channel: 120ch

Supermiu Club used for FYL 96 sets kinetic triangle tubes.  

Supermiu Club Effects:

水印1 水印2 水印3 水印6 水印8


kinetic lighting


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