Nepal’s LOD club DLB Kinetic lights upgraded with creative transformation to attract a new wave of customers

In Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal, the most popular local LOD club has recently completed a comprehensive programming transformation of the most innovative DLB Kinetic lights system, which has won unanimous praise from customers with more creative and attractive visual effects.

As one of the largest clubs in Nepal, LOD club has been attracting tourists and local citizens from all over the world with its unique atmosphere and high-quality service. The new programming of DLB Kinetic lights is to further enhance the lighting effect of the club and the entertainment experience of customers, and create a nightlife space that is both comfortable and full of surprises for customers.

After the renovation of the LOD club, the DLB Kinetic lights system has become the biggest highlight. Through advanced programming technology, the lights can lifting, change color and brightness as the rhythm of the music and atmosphere change, creating stunning visual effects. Whether it is light-hearted pop music or passionate rock music, the lighting can perfectly blend with it to create just the right atmosphere.

In addition, the bar also introduces a series of creative elements, such as the rise and fall of lights and color changes synchronized with the music rhythm, so that customers can enjoy a visual feast while enjoying wine and music. The renovation of the LOD bar has attracted a lot of attention and praise from customers. Many customers said that the new kinetic lights system makes the bar more interesting and attractive, giving them a new experience every time they come.

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Products used:

Kinetic strobe bar

Kinetic beam ring

Post time: May-28-2024

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