DLB Kinetic Lights art exhibition grandly opens in Monopol Berlin, Germany

Recently, the DLB Kinetic Lights art exhibition officially kicked off in Monopol Berlin, Germany. This light art feast, co-created by multiple lights artists and installed under the guidance of professional lighting engineers in Macau, will continue to be on display for six months, bringing an unprecedented experience to the audience. A visual feast.

This art exhibition brings together top artists from all over the world. With their unique perspectives and creativity, they cleverly combine light and shadow, space and time to create a series of dynamic and vital kinetic lights art works. These works not only demonstrate the artists' deep understanding and unique insights into light art, but also bring the audience into a world full of fantasy and imagination.

The DLB Kinetic Lights art exhibition takes "Symphony of Light and Shadow" as its theme, showing the unique charm between light and shadow through the changes and combinations of lights. At the exhibition site, colorful lights interweave into moving pictures, making people feel like they are in a dream-like world. These lighting works not only have extremely high artistic value. This art exhibition received full guidance and installation support from professional lighting engineers in Macau. With their rich experience and superb technology, lighting engineers provide professional technical support and guarantee for the exhibition, ensuring that every work can be presented to the audience in its best condition.

As a well-known art center in Germany, Monopol Berlin has been committed to promoting the innovation and development of contemporary art. The holding of this DLB Kinetic Lights art exhibition not only brought a visual feast to the audience, but also promoted the popularization and development of light art in Germany.

The DLB Kinetic Lights art exhibition will remain on display for six months and will be free and open to the public. We sincerely invite all art lovers and citizens to visit and appreciate the charm and power of this light art.

Let us look forward to what surprises and touches the DLB Kinetic Lights art exhibition will bring us!

Post time: Jun-03-2024

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