DLB is proud to introduce our latest custom product – the Kinetic Art Jellyfish Light.

This unique light seamlessly combines technology and art, providing a magical visual experience for any venue.

The Kinetic Art Jellyfish Light features a lift design, allowing it to adjust its height freely as needed. This capability ensures the lamp delivers the best visual impact in various settings, whether it's a stage performance, an exhibition, or a commercial space.The lift system enables the Kinetic Art Jellyfish Light to gently descend from the ceiling, resembling a real jellyfish floating in water, adding a dynamic aesthetic to the environment.

One of the highlights of the Kinetic Art Jellyfish Light is its vibrant color-changing feature. It comes with multiple color modes that can switch between different hues as needed. Whether it's a soft blue, romantic pink, or a dazzling rainbow, the Kinetic Art Jellyfish Light can perfectly display these colors, creating a unique atmosphere. With precise programming, the color changes can sync with music rhythms, creating an integrated audiovisual feast.

The design of the Kinetic Art Jellyfish Light is also highly artistic, appearing as a graceful jellyfish dancing in the air. Its ethereal elegance is achieved through the combination of a transparent lampshade and an intricate lamp body structure, creating a mesmerizing, crystal-clear effect when illuminated.More than just a lamp, it is a piece of art that enhances the overall taste and style of any space, evoking a sense of wonder and sophistication. Whether it’s installed in a modern home, a trendy restaurant, or an upscale event, the Kinetic Art Jellyfish Light stands out as a symbol of innovation and beauty.

As an original design by DLB, the Kinetic Art Jellyfish Light embodies our team's wisdom and innovation, showcasing our leading technology in the lighting industry. We believe  the Kinetic Art Jellyfish Light will become a star product in the market, offering users an unprecedented experience. We invite you to experience the enchanting Kinetic Art Jellyfish Light and feel the perfect fusion of technology and art.

Post time: Jul-08-2024

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