TEAM 3rd Tencent Music Entertainment Awards 2021—Kinetic LED mini balls

The 3rd TMEA brought together 46 singers, musicians and bands for a concert, performing songs across genres and 31 different stage sets, satisfying the dynamic tastes of global music lovers. About Tencent Music Entertainment: Tencent Music Entertainment Group (NYSE: TME) is the leading online music and audio entertainment platform in China, operating the country’s highly popular and innovative music apps: QQ Music, Kugou Music, Kuwo Music and WeSing. TME’s mission is to use technology to elevate the role of music in people’s lives by enabling them to create, enjoy, share and interact with music. TME’s platform comprises online music, online audio, online karaoke, music-centric live streaming and online concert services, enabling music fans to discover, listen, sing, watch, perform and socialize around music. There are several songs that designed for FYL DLB kinetic lighting system. This song here mentioned is designed 40 sets kinetic mini balls, Circle shape design. Singer sing songs inside of the circle from kinetic mini balls that displayed a amazing effects base on feeling of song. More and more big events shows interested in kinetic lighting system not only for normal stage lights. Kinetic lighting system not only can be designed for clubs, exhibitions, concerts, wedding, mall and hotel lobby, but also can be designed into any place that you wanna keep them for unique and special effects. Kinetic LED ball is very basic fixtures among kinetic lighting system. Many places still suitable for kinetic balls.

No matter you are owners, project company, rental company or design company. Welcome to leave your message for any inquiry. FYL not only support kinetic lights but also support design, installation and programming for whole project solution. And custom made service according to special requirements on fixtures for different projects effects. Currently there are more than 18pcs different fixtures for different projects and events we have used. Mainly focus on big clubs, live concerts. Same Dmx winch can be workable for any fixtures that under 1.5kgs weight and 5kgs weight. For owner better display and operate the kinetic lights effects that FYL researched the intelligent lighting control system to control all DMX lights 1024 channels. Only touch panel to change effects and display effects that you want.

Products used:

Kinetic LED Mini ball 40 sets

Manufacturer: FYL Stage Lighting

Programming: FYL Stage Lighting

Design: FYL Stage Lighting

Post time: Dec-06-2021

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