DeRucci Showcase Kinetic clouds—Kinetic art

DeRucci Showcase is located in Dongguan city, China. This is not only kinetic clouds but also kinetic arts designed for commercial space with unique effects. Not fixed but can move. The showcase with glass wall, there designed 8 sets FYL DLB kinetic LED clouds inside the showcase. Through glass wall that you can see clouds are moving, you can see lighting. You can hear thunder , you can hear the rain. This is very special display for scenes by kinetic lighting system. It is scene simulation. Kinetic lighting system not only suitable for stages but also very suitable for commercial space for kinetic art display for people. No never say it is not suitable, please think how to use it how to design it how to light up it by kinetic lights on your design. Creativity is very important. Welcome architectural designers, interior designers and commercial space designers to share your good ideals with FYL by kinetic lighting system. FYL will fully support OEM service to meet your requirements and ideals.

DLB kinetic lighting system not only suitable for concerts, clubs, exhibitions, weddings, but also very suitable for commercial space such as shopping mall center, hall of hotel, airport, museum and so on. If you have any OEM requirements that please feel free to contact FYL for whole project solution. FYL is well experiences on kinetic lighting system that will support big help on projects.

Products used:

DLB Custom Made Kinetic LED clouds 8 sets

Manufacturer: FYL Stage Lighting

Programming: FYL Stage Lighting

Design: FYL Stage Lighting

Post time: Dec-29-2021

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