AK PLAZA (AK 플라자 광명점)

AK PLAZA (AK 플라자 광명점)

AK Plaza Gwangmyeong Branch displayed the largest kinetic art in Korea. AK Plaza Gwangmyeong Branch is located in front of KTX Gwangmyeong Station in Gwangmyeong-si, Gyeonggi-do. The center hall of AK PLAZA designed and installed FYL 300pcs 26m Kinetic LED bulbs. This is not the biggest one for kinetic lighting system solution but it is did the longest lift up and down distance solution currently. 

FYL custom made solution for one winch with three led bulbs design to make sure every floor can enjoying the kinetic effects space. Winch is custom made to match for the total weights from three bubbles and the hinder from lift up and down. Led bubbles are custom made the special design for two balls working together, outer ball with diameter 20cm for transparent cover with rainbow coating effects, Inner ball with RGB 3in1 design for different colors effects. It just likes many bubbles on sky with sunshine. The lift cable be custom made with transparent version, The all connector parts on bubbles all be custom made for white color. All OEM service is worked for matching the whole decoration of AK PLAZA. Kinetic art makes your project with live. AK PLAZA is a dynamic mall full with art feeling. DLB kinetic lighting system not only suitable for concerts, clubs, exhibitions, weddings, but also very suitable for commercial space such as shopping mall center, hall of hotel, airport, museum and so on. If you have any OEM requirements that please feel free to contact FYL for whole project solution. FYL is well experiences on kinetic lighting system that will support big help on projects. If you are in Korea that welcome to visit AK PLAZA that you will see a totally unique viewing.  

Products used:

DLB Custom Made 26M Kinetic LED Bubbles  300 sets, One set kinetic LED Bubbles included 1pc DMX winch and 3pcs LED Bubbles. Total 300pcs winches and 900pcs LED bubbles.

Manufacturer: FYL Stage Lighting


Design: FYL Stage Lighting

Post time: Dec-16-2021

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